Trans Logistic | Dębica

The evaluation of safety and quality – We have that!

Besides our commitment to quality management system ISO 9001, concluded that it is necessary for us as a team, take further action distinguishing us from other transport companies – thus, we have implemented in our company, system requirements SQAS – Safety and Quality Assessment System

Paramount in our daily work is:

the safety of all operational activities,
Health workers,
environmental Protection,
as well as the quality of operations and meeting customer requirements – including the additional safety requirements.

By safety, we mean: to protect people wherever possible protection of valuable and hazardous materials against loss, intentional destruction or theft. We strive to make our actions resulted from routine behaviors that through their standardization, will translate into increasing the safety of operations, min. through contacts between employees of the company or a positive influence on drivers’ work / business partners.

“Tools” allow us to continuous improvement of our activities include observation of our functioning, training employees and companies cooperating with us, communicating to employees the results of our performance and continuous improvement.

Activity Trans Logistic Dębica also applies to social responsibility, thus important for all of us to be social issues (such as basic human rights, conditions and working hours, discrimination, freedom of association), but also business ethics ( including issues of corruption, elimination of conflicts of interest, fraud).

We are pleased to inform you that the above assumptions are set out in SQAS system, and the relevant audit in this area went positively. We will do everything to not only our employees, but also our business partners felt it in our cooperation.