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Trans-logistic Dębica

We are a transport and shipping company providing services of national and international transport for numerous sectors of economy, among others for the food industry, chemical industry, mineral industry, metallurgical industry and electromechanical industry. For many years our company has been specializing in a key sector which is automotive – in this field we implement numerous orders, such as delivery of raw materials and end products.

Trans-Logistic Dębica provides complex services in the following fields:

The company implements orders in all European countries. Each transported shipment is covered by the civil liability insurance of the carrier for the guarantee amount of 500,000.00 EUR.

What distinguishes us:

  • timeliness – our priority is timeliness – each order is analyzed with regards to timely receipt/delivery of goods in accordance with the customer’s needs,
  • safety – we care for the safety of our drivers as well as the goods of our business partners transported by us,
  • diverse fleet – we have a diverse fleet concerning payload, capacity (cbm) or types of structures. We have facilities to transport heavy loads configured to fulfill the needs of a given order, among others, container facilities which may accommodate up to 120 cubic meters in total, or tractors – with standard semitrailers, mega or refrigerated bodyworks,
  • modern technologies  – modern solutions and IT systems used at Trans-Logistic Dębica support the complete exchange of information about the transported goods, thanks to which timeliness and quality of deliveries are implemented at the highest possible level,
  • experienced team – building and developing Trans-Logistic Dębica, the company relies on the experience and professionalism of its employees. Its strength is human capital – a team of specialists working for the success and satisfaction of our contractors. The fundamental attribute which distinguishes Trans-Logistic Dębica is a stable and experienced team of employees who can build strong relations based on loyalty. The company invests in employees, avoiding personnel rotation. Therefore, it can build permanent and trust-based relations with its business partners, understand customers’ expectations better, promote flexibility of operations and engage completely in the performed work,
  • flexible and individual approach to customers – for Trans-Logistic Dębica, customers and their satisfaction are the most important. Taking advantage of our broad experience, we help optimally design the logistic process regardless of the company size and conditions at a given company,
  • constant adjustment to customers’ needs -Trans-Logistic Dębica is not afraid of special sections, difficult challenges and time constraints which allows us to quickly react to our customers’ inquiries.  One of the most important links of the enterprise are drivers for whom time, safety and quality are priorities. There are no random people among them. They are professionals with many years of experience and their reliability and engagement can always be counted upon by the management of Trans-Logistic Dębica and our customers.

Broad experience of the company resulted in attraction of numerous key business partners and implementing missions and purposes together. Companies which have trusted us so far are::

The motto of TRANS-LOGISTIC Dębica in daily activities is reliable and timely provision of high quality services and competitive prices. Therefore, we invite everyone to whom such values are also important to cooperate with is.